World of Warcraft Priest Guide

Priest is a healing class and is considered to be the best healing class in Wow. If you like to play PVP and PVE scenarios, priest class is your best choice. This class is very popular in dungeon groups because of their healing capabilities. The shadow talent build make a priest focus more on the damage output. You can make a nice PVP build easily with priest class.

Holy priest build provides the best mana efficient healing build. You will see that priest is very popular among raid groups. Discipline build can reduce damage taken and improve the Priest healing capabilities. Discipline build is more focused on the individual abilities and less on the group abilities.

Priest class is suitable for social players who like to complete dungeons and raids. In the early levels, players may find a priest slow and boring, but as you progress, your character grows stronger. In the later levels, you will find how valuable the priest is. You can make Wow gold usa easily with a high level priest.

Priests are prime targets in PVP battles because of their healing capabilities. This is the only slight down fall to the priest. A priest can not only heal themselves but also their group members. This is the reason why they are popular in groups.

If you are looking to play the priest class, or you are planning to solo questing, you should take the shadow talent tree as your primary build. The spec from the shadow talent tree will offer the best build for leveling up a priest.

When you first level up a priest, you should know that they are more fragile than any other classes. The Warlocks are able to armor themselves with cloth and rely on long ranged magic damage to defeat their opponents.

Priest is good at dungeon leveling and solo questing. The leveling capability of a priest is determined by build type. If a player wants to earn a lot of WOW gold, he can take solo quests. If one wants to gain power level, he can take the dungeon instances.

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