Treatment Options For Myopia

Myopia or short sightedness is a refractive error in which people can clearly see nearer objects but the farther objects appear blurred. While myopia can only be corrected and not cured, patients suffering from myopia need to constantly wear spectacles or lenses. Increased reading, watching television for long hours, playing video and computer games uninterruptedly for long duration contribute to myopia. Some of the problems encountered by people having myopia are blurred vision, squinting and headaches. Surgical options like Lasik are available to improve and correct myopia. For example, if a person has a high myopia with power at -7, he can undergo Lasik and bring the power down to -1 and wear spectacles or lens to correct his vision.

After undergoing the laser procedure, he can purchase the prescribed glasses from the online websites which deal in eye wear. Great bargains are available at such sites in the form of vision direct coupon. Kids these days are being affected by myopia. Their increased television viewing and playing on gaming consoles can be cited as one of the reasons for the affliction of myopia at a young age. By taking remedial steps at the outset using spectacles, their vision can be easily corrected and they will be free of any vision defects when they enter adulthood.

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