Train Runescape Skills For Double XP

Do you know the Double XP Weekends? Jagex allows players to have double XP on Weekends. It is announced that Double XP Weekends will return to Runescape recently. Runescape members can have an experience bonus for up to 10 hours. Jagex will not open the double XP weekends for a long time. Players should grab this opportunities to gain Runescape lvl. There are five skills that help most in order to gain levels.


Prayer is regarded as the most expensive skill to level, but it is the ideal skill to train on double XP weekends. With Prayer skill, players can gain dragon bones, which give 252 experience points. Every time you use this skill will cost 5.5 gold. A player can gain up to 2.7 times the experience points per dragon bone than usual.


This is not an expensive, but time-consuming and boring skill to train. Most of the agility obstacles courses provide little experience. If you want to level up, you have to repeat the courses over and over again.


Construction leveling is as expensive as ranking up in Prayer. You can take advantage of double XP weekend to level up this skill. Players will save a lot of cash because the homes butler will supply them with wood and other construction leveling materials.


It is not required much gold to level up Thieving. In other words, thieving is cheap to level up. It takes a long time to level. Pickpocketing can result in a pop on the head from the victims. You will get a health loss and a temporary stun.


This is a skill that on the "holy crap thats expensive" list. It is time-consuming to train this skill. Selling herbs and secondary ingredients will make you rich in Runescape. Players will be able to earn double amount of cash on weekends. Herblore can be a skill that makes you thousands of RS money once level up.

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