Tips For Improving Your Church Welcome Folders

Church welcome folders are a great method to welcome new members of your church. Not only does this give them important information about other member of your congregation but more importantly it makes them feel that they are part of something. Here are a few tips on how to improve your existing welcome folders for churches.

A little marketing goes a long way when it comes to improving the way information is presented in your church welcome folders. If it has been awhile since youve updated them, now is the best time to polish the information that is presented in the packets. Let us begin with the cover. Have a professional photographer or simply one from your congregation volunteer to take professional looking pictures of your church. Make sure that this photo will be seen on the front cover of the packet along with the name of your church. Make sure that not only the complete address is shown but also the email or website if any.

For all new members, have the pastor write a personal welcome letter detailing how much their membership is appreciated. A personalized note shows new members that your church is taking an extra personalized stance in welcoming them as opposed to simply publishing a generic letter that has been used since the 1st member entered the congregation. Make sure that it is written in good quality paper using the official letterhead of the church. It is important that the pastor personally sign each and every letter.

Update the history of the church if there have been significant changes. Make sure that these are reflected in photos for the member to appreciate. It is important to place a brief description of all the different ministries and services. Attach a reply card for anybody interested in becoming part of the church mail.

Church welcome folders not only welcome people as new members of your congregation, they also serve a lasting first impression that may have a significant impact in the way members feel about their church. By taking it one step further you at least ensure that each new member is recognized and taken into the church with open arms.

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