The Old Desktop Computer

Ken had an old desktop computer that randomly stopped working for him. He brought it into Computer Repair Corona Ca to see if they could help him. He had the old computer for a long time now and was not ready for a new one. When he arrived at Computer Repair Corona CA he spoke with one of the technicians about the problem. When the technician seen the old computer he asked why Ken still had it. Ken laughed and told him that he had not had any problem with the computer in the years he had it and loved the way it worked. The technician set down with Ken and showed him the capabilities of a new computer and what he choices he had. The technician he spoke with actually built computers for the customers and suggested he do that. The technician could make sure that the computer fell under his needs and worked out perfectly for him. Ken decided to give it a try and started telling the technician what he did on a normal basis on the computer. The technician went to the back and got a price for Ken right away. They even said they could fix his old computer, get the data off of it, and put the data on his new computer. He was very pleased with the service provided by Computer Repair Corona CA.

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