My Healthy And Happy Pets

I often adopt dogs from the local shelter. It breaks my heart that these dogs cannot find homes. I currently have five dogs and they keep my family rather busy. Unfortunately some of the dogs have been neglected over the years. I often give them dog supplements to help with their health and other conditions. It is not possible to derive a huge amount of nutrients from dog food, unless it has been heavily fortified. I often pay special attention to labels. I find myself extensively reading labels to make sure the food does not contain high amounts of fat and sugar. I am also on the outlook for new supplements as I find them quiet amazing. They have just recently come into vogue and are becoming more popular with pet owners. I guess dogs also require vitamins and minerals just like humans. We all have a body and system to maintain. I try my best to walk all of my five dogs. When my two sons are at home they often take them for walks which help me out considerably. I used to take all of my dogs for a walk at the onetime but found it a little difficult to handle.

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