Lisa And Carl's Computer Troubles

Lisa and Carl were working on a school project together for one of their college classes. They had to go on a few different websites, so they used Lisas laptop. While Lisa and Carl were working on their school project, Lisas computer started freezing and crashing. Carl had the number to Computer Repair Corona, so he gave them a call. Carl called the computer repair shop and told the computer repair tech about the crashing computer. Carl told the computer repair tech that they were working on a project for school so they needed the computer fixed as soon as possible.

The computer repair tech told Carl to bring the computer in and they could get it done in four hours. Carl told Lisa and they thought that the timing would be okay so they brought her computer to Computer Repair Corona. Once Carl and Lisa handed the computer to the computer repair tech, the computer repair tech turned the computer on and started to diagnose the computer. The computer repair tech found that it had some malware and spyware, so the computer repair tech ran some scans to find and remove the infections. It was not long before the computer repair tech was done, and Carl and Lisa got Lisas computer back.

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