Income Model Of The Empower Network

If you are confused about the income model of the Empower Network, here is a simple guide. The Empower Network is a complete blogging system that utilizes a lead capture page to send a lead to a high converting page that sells the main product, which is the blogging system itself. The lead can then order the blogging system for $25 per month, which is an incredibly low entrance fee. Once a person is a member, they can write blog posts using the blogging system to receive organic traffic for their blog posts.

Once a new member makes his or her first sale, they essentially have paid for the membership each month. In addition, the affiliate also receives a certain portion of sales from anybody their downlines refer as well. Since these sales amount to 100% commissions, the member can start to receive a substantial amount of money once their downline grows.

Beyond the main blogging system, affiliates can receive 100% commissions from the $100/month Inner Circle Membership, the $500 one-time fee for the Costa Rica Intensive training package, or $1,000 for the $15K Formula package. Choose a program that really suits the way you are making business and start making some money. I have joined the Empower Network Development plan.

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