How To Identify Antique Arm Chairs

Different types of armchairs are used by the people in a respected manner. At time of the Renaissance, arm chairs made their debut and since that time have been designed and produced from countries around the world. These antique arm chairs were used to be made in a variety of fabrics and styles, ranging from simple and plain to ornate and elegant.

But now as the time has changed so much, it has more often become difficult to identify the real antique quality. Well, there are a few methods to correctly identify authentic antique arm chairs.

a)You must look for these things carefully in arm chairs. Firstly back, seat and arms as they were used to be frequently covered in material such as velvet and had arms and legs that were open in design. These chairs were very popular during the 17th century.

b)Try to identify wing chairs with gilt wood, which became the fashion trend in France in 17th century only. The wood work was used to be carved in detailed, elaborate designs. At that time also these arm chairs were very costly.

c)If possible try to find antique arm chairs made out of heavy wood, such as mahogany or oak, which should have features of ornately carved arms and legs with a seat and back covered in leather. This style in arm chairs indicates the time of mid-19th century English arm chairs.

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