HCG Diet Recipes For Weight Loss

Some people think that they can lose weight with a patch (otherwise called as plaastriga kaalust alla in Estonian language). Perhaps you are wearing one of those slimming patches right now. In as much as you are fully convinced that weight loss patches works, others feel the same way on HCG diet.

HCG has the natural ability of breaking down fats in the body. This hormone subsequently discharges energy that may result to an average weight loss. Lately HCG diet recipeshave become prevalent because this diet regimen has the ability to exceed other weight loss programs. This type of diet plan provides a low calorie intake resting in fats and removing oil from the diet. Different cuisines can be created using this principle. It can be applied to both foods and beverages such as desserts, dressings, and juices. Diet recipes of this level are carefully planned so that abnormal fat do not appear your body. Going through such diet plan trims down on protein and may limit on carbohydrates. Such an idea doesn't necessarily cut out your usual favorites. It's just that they need to be converted to an HCG diet plan to work.

The HCG Diet Meal Plan has shown positive weight loss results for those people who fervently imbibed the basic principles of this diet plan for a specified time frame. The HCG Diet Plan works hand in hand with VLCD which stands for Very Low Calorie Diet. This is a very stringent diet that requires you to limit your calories to up to 500 calories. The VLCD is combined with HCG during the second stage of the diet. The first stage is the loading stage and the dieter is allowed to load up on all the fats and carbs he wants. The second stage is the burning stage in which you will learn to adapt to the VLCD. The third is the maintenance stage and this is the stage that prohibits you from consuming starches and sugar for a specified length of time. Consult your dietician to ask for the diet plan suitable for your body type and if she permits an HCG Diet Meal Plan then you can go ahead and follow it.

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