Fun with making ice cream

Imagine a Build-Your-Own-Ice-Cream Party! Guests are presented with an array of ingredients: lemon, chocolate, candied ginger chunks, fresh sliced peach morsels, fudge shavings, pecans, a favorite coffee, bananas, cinnamon, maybe even curry. Offer anything that can be blended in pure homemade vanilla ice cream. A custard base made with cream, egg yolks, sugar and vanilla creates a rich treat. Use one yolk to each cup of cream, alone or mixed with milk, and a cup of sugar. Mix the sugar, vanilla and egg yolks together. Heat the cream mixture to a near boil, and slowly add it to the eggs, beating as you go. This requires cooling time before the party. But if quick freeze containers are going to be used to make the ice cream, cream, milk or yogurt, mixed with a sweetener and vanilla, makes a fine base. At the beginning of the party each guest is handed a pre-frozen container in which to place their ingredients, and it is a matter of spinning and mixing the contents until the ice cream is completely frozen. What about the egg whites left over from the custard base? Make meringues to use as crunchy dish liners for the best homemade ice cream.

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