Fuel For Hog Roast Fire Pits

It stands to reason that whole hog fire pits require a considerable amount of fuel compared to their smaller counterparts and the fuel types should be either charcoal or hardwood logs or firewood. Whichever fuel you use you must bear in mind you do not want to cook over a flame, you want to aim for a pile of burning embers that will provide an even, as far is possible, spread of heat.

The amount of solid fuel required, as with the size of the fire pit, is dependent on the size of the hog you intend to cook. There are no hard and fixed quantities for a specific sized hog so if you are a novice it is better to have too much than too little, and learn by experience should you undertake the same task a second time. Through experience all the important things can be known by you.

Can you use a gas burner? Not really as the fire pits used for hog cooking are too large but the other consideration is the flavor you get from using a solid fuel, you just do not get the same taste from a gas burner and am large part of outdoor fire pit cooking and eating is the smell and taste.

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