Choose a kit structure for your building program

If you want to build a house, you should start researching your project early to find a manufacturer who specializes in the type of construction you have in mind. Many Loma Linda property management real estate companies will give you advice on which construction manufactures to consider depending on the type of house you desire. No matter what your dream home will look like, how small or how big, there is always a long list of companies that can provide the kind of structure you desire. However, a good way to cut down on time, work, and materials is to choose a kit structure for your building program. A kit with any number of precut, prefabricated parts helps simplify things, which in turn helps you stay on schedule and within budget. Building kits vary widely in what they include. You can choose a basic frame-only kit and complete the conventional stages of construction by yourself or with help from a local builder. Or you can opt for a timber frame shell, which usually comes with some materials such as plywood, windows, doors and roof shingles required to protect the frame in a weather-tight-although far from finished-enclosure. Or you can buy so called "turnkey" packages that include all of the other construction and finish components, such as kitchen cabinets, bath fixtures, and flooring-virtually everything you need to complete your home.

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