Builders Fly to Sin City

People have been handling add-ons and enhancements to their homes for years. These can be as easy as installing new door stops and light switch plates or as difficult as installing a new roof or re-carpeting. Luckily, most people who attempt these ideas have most of the desired background needed to complete the job in a professional way without an ER visit.

The 2012 National Hardware Show was held in Las Vegas earlier this month. DIY-ers and home improvement junkies from around the country traveled to Vegas to check out all the newest contraptions and gizmos made for your home. Always a fun gathering, the 2012 event was no different as it showed off many new items and inventions from some of America's most creative minds. Building on this, Safari gave many great ideas on their site.

Several patrons grabbed up these inventions and nick knacks, eager to add 'em to their home management system. Others saw it as a good excuse to take the trip to Vegas, hit up the shows, try their luck and party with the night scene. The full event was reported on by Virtual Strategy Magazine in a new article. Visitors to the event saw a large assortment of products, from a oil based rat trap to a portable fire pit and bbq grill. Here is a short list of some of the most common home enhancement ideas, which ones have you tried?

Nearly all kitchen revamping projects involve getting rid of the appliances and cabinets; complete this early on to conserve time. Changing an area in your house to a built out work space is a terrible idea as few potential buyers want a strictly devoted home work space. Though many yards cannot hold a garden, a raised fruit garden is a simple way to eat ripe produce all summer. To make a narrow kitchen look wider, try installing floor tiles width wise to trick people. Swapping out your entry door with a metal one can help owners a lot when selling their home.

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