Brass Gifts for Anniversaries and Birthdays

Brass is an alloy that is a mixture of copper and zinc. This metal is physically powerful than copper but not steel. Due to its corrosion resistance from salt water, brass usage is largely found in water pipes and tubes and due to its acoustics property, it is also used in musical instruments. Brass jewelry is somewhat romantic and can be gifted for marking a couples seventh anniversary. Brass jewelries are very attractive with their shades of gold and go well with all type of skin tones. Pair of studs for young girls and earrings for women is matchless gifts for any kind of occasion, especially birthdays and anniversaries. Brass jewelry is hypo allergic and does not harm the wearer.

Brass jewelry have now become very much trendy and fashionable among the present youth, as brass jewelry can be made in to many different kind of miniature structures just like gold . Many people have fallen in love with brass jewelry as it has got a dull finish which is not as flashy like gold. Bass cannot only be used for making brass jewelries it can also be used to make the containers in which the fancy jewelry items can be kept safely.

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