Bandwidth Of A Website

The bandwidth of a website is a very important feature that one has to consider while signing up for a webhosting plan. More bandwidth is required for a large number of visitors to log into the website in a month. The requirement of bandwidth is determined by the size of the web pages and the number of visitors viewing them in a month. The data transferred for all the web pages in a month is the requirement of bandwidth by the website. The website owner can resort to hostgator coupon for unlimited bandwidth.

The webhost has to be on the lookout for optimizing the usage of bandwidth as it is a scarce resource. The first step is to use cascading style sheets for saving bandwidth. It helps in reduction of the sizes of HyperText Markup Language files. The second step is to use HTML programming to reduce the sizes of files and compacting the images and graphics. File compressing utilities can be used for this purpose. Graphic Interchange Format for images and Joint Photographics Experts Group format for photos have the best abilities of compression.

One has to be on the guard for prevention of theft of the bandwidth of the website. If logs, search engines and other websites are scrutinized, the webmaster can find out the people using the images and thus bandwidth of the website illegally. This is a very laborious talk and commercial software is available to take care of this aspect.

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