About Project Management and HAZOP.

Project management can be found at work in many different areas of business and industry as well as in our personal lives. Put quite simply, it is organising a project from start to finish, making sure it runs on schedule, is completed in time and that the people have the right tools for the job. It can be something as domestic as organising a field trip for students abroad, or planning a wedding for your friends. It can also be undertaken on a large scale such as in big business and industry where a full project management consultancy might be employed for the job in hand.

No matter what the size of the job, good project management is all about communication. With good communication between yourself and your employees and work force half the battle is won. Making sure that your work force is happy in their role and that you are all working towards a common goal is often the key to success. The task needs to be clearly outlined and understood along with a set of goals including time frame, budgets and tools required. Armed with all this, a project is given the best chance it can to run smoothly and efficiently to achieve its desired target.

Whilst working on any project in business you may come across something known as the Hazard and Operability Study, commonly known as HAZOP. HAZOP is a structured examination of a planned project which helps to try and indentify any risks which might occur in the process. Risks can be identified which may affect performance and timescale of the project or indeed pose a threat to the safety of personnel or cause damage to equipment. A free full guide and PDF is available online if you would like to know more about HAZOP and its link to project management.

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